What’s going on out there?

We may be coming out of the recession but what happens next?
How deep are the public spending cuts going to be?
What will happen after the General Election?
How are your partners going to react?
How will all this affect you and the places where you work?

Of course you read the papers and receive all the official announcements, but how does it all fit together?  How does it affect your organisation? How does it affect the communities where you work and prospects for your tenants?

Penfold Associates offers an environmental scanning service to meet the needs of the social housing sector.  We review social and economic trends at the national or international level that may impact on you.  We look at political factors in the UK and policy announcements by national, regional or sub-regional agencies.  We also review progress with key strategies and initiatives by your local government partners.  We can provide detailed environmental scanning reports to act as a catalyst in your corporate planning and we can provide regular updates for your board members and senior management.

To find out how this environmental scanning service can be tailored to meet your requirements contact Kim Penfold at kim@penfoldassociates.co.uk